.music - your new Internet home

On all seven continents, in every nation on earth, all human beings understand and respond to the language of music. 

It's not only humanity’s only true native tongue... it may be our only hope to ultimately recognize our own humanity in others. 

What else on the planet has the power to ignite passion, heal broken hearts, make us dance and sometimes, move entire generations forward? Music takes our collective breath away while transporting us toward the deepest and truest places in our souls. 

Soon there will be a new music space -- a digital home -- for that special tribe among us that creates and sustains music. It will be a definable village that gives everyone in the community new ways to connect, develop, thrive and flourish in a resource-rich, empowering environment.

It's a namespace that emblazons its identity on the millions who create, develop, deliver and advocate the language of music. This address -- a top-level domain that can be instantly recognized anywhere on the planet -- authenticates and safeguards its members and their works. It will also be a bold, digital billboard that proclaims: ”We speak the language of music.” 

Your home will be here soon. Get ready to move in.

Who We Work With

The entities shown below represent the people who write, sing, play, perform, publish, record, promote, manufacture, distribute and/or license the vast majority of the world's music. They are music educators, record labels, publishers, performance rights societies, distributors, retailers, musical instrument makers, guilds, unions, cultural institutions, advocacy groups and the ecosystem that connects the Music community everywhere on the planet. 

In short, they speak the language of music and they are all part of the community united in helping safeguard the value of music and its creators. 

We work together with the following Music community organizations that have endorsed and support our “in the community, by the community, for the community” .music initiative. 

If you represent an association, company or other organization dedicated to the world of music, and support the creative and intellectual property rights of the Music community, please contact us if you would like to join the conversation. And let the language of music continue to flourish.

About Us

We love music and “music people.” Our commitment to the creation of .music is a natural and inherent extension of our desire to serve all members of the Music community through a trusted namespace that respects their rights as creators. 

We believe in the infinite potential of artists, songwriters and musicians. We believe in the value of all musical expression. We believe in the surrounding infrastructure of people that support the growth and development of music and its creators throughout the world.

Loren Balman, CEO, is a 30-year veteran of the music and entertainment business with diverse corporate experience. As a record label executive and by way of Artist Development, Marketing and Production, he has earned more than 30 Gold and Platinum records, a Grammy nomination and five Dove Awards. Prior to founding .music llc, Loren was deeply involved in developing forward looking business models that utilized both music, arts and technology disciplines.  

John Styll, President & COO, is an entrepreneur who founded a music magazine publishing company in 1978 and served as its CEO for 23 years. This experience in music journalism led to a seven-year stint as head of two music trade associations. For the last eight years, John has dedicated his efforts to the expansion of the Internet and the safeguarding of creative rights. 

John Frankenheimer, .music General Counsel, is Partner and Chairman Emeritus of the international entertainment and intellectual property law firm Loeb & Loeb. John’s practice is centered in the entertainment and media industries, where he has been at the epicenter of the Music community as a trusted advisor to its leadership.

Keith Thomas, VP of Artist Relations, is a six-time Grammy-winning producer and songwriter with 40 Billboard #1 hits to his credit. Keith has worked with an elite spectrum of artists including Katy Perry, Vanessa Williams, Luther Vandross, Kings of Leon, Amy Grant, James Ingram, Jessica Simpson, BeBe & CeCe Winans, Mandy Moore, Gladys Knight and many others.

We have been working with the global Music community since 2008 to make this Top Level Domain, .music, THE avenue and THE destination for artists, musicians, songwriters, students, teachers, instrument makers and other music professionals across the globe. Our goal is to connect them, promote them, nurture them, support them, be advocates for them and help safeguard their intellectual property and creative rights. Our vision is to provide the solid foundation of their own domain identity and home that will give wing to their dreams and aspirations. 

The current choices in TLDs have not offered a space where music can be safeguarded, sustained and enjoyed for the benefit of creators and consumers alike. We want to change that. 

The International Music Council’s “five music rights” guides our values-driven mission: 

The right for or all children and adults: 

  • to express themselves musically in all freedom 

  • to learn musical languages and skills 

  • to have access to musical involvement through 
participation, listening, creation, and information 

The right for all musical artists: 

  • to develop their artistry and communicate through all media, with proper facilities at their disposal 

  • to obtain just recognition and remuneration for their work