Deutscher Musikverleger-Verband e.V. (DMV)

The DMV "Deutscher Musikverleger-Verband e.V." is an association representing the interests of music publishers throughout the German Federal Republic. Representing over 400 music publishers, the association acts for about 90% of music publishers active in Germany.

The development of today's German Music Publishers' Association can be traced back to the year 1829, when 16 German music companies formed an "association of music-publishers against copying of music" in Leipzig.

Since then, there has always been a professional body of music publishers, whose name and structure has adapted to the developments of the times but whose aims have remained constant:

  • To pursue the expansion of copyright law in close cooperation with state bodies and
  • To provide a strong professional body representing the interests of German music publishers in matters dealing with official authorities and other groups

The DMV and its member publishers address the full diversity of musical life: It is about the composer, the lyricist, but also about performance practice, the exploitation of musical works, and not least to the integration of young people in the music. The DMV promotes music education and the education and training of young professionals and active music making and its importance in society. 

Additional Info

  • Headquarters: Offices in Bonn and Berlin, Germany
  • Founded: 1829
  • Membership: 400+ Music Publishers