European Music Council (EMC)

The European Music Council is the European network of networks for music, with a membership of national music councils as well as local, national and international music organisations that are based in Europe. In line with the International Music Council’s principles, the EMC’s strategies and actions honour human and cultural rights. In situations where musical integrity and commercial gain are in conflict, the EMC gives priority to musical integrity. The EMC strongly supports youth participation in decision-making processes.

The European Music Council, the regional group for Europe of the International Music Council, is the umbrella organization for musical life in Europe. It acknowledges the significant role that music and culture play in the political and societal development of a peaceful and integrative Europe. Therefore it advocates on local, national and European levels for an appropriate framework, respecting equal rights and opportunities for music, music professionals and access to music.

The European Music Council serves its members by advocating for the societal and political significance of musical diversity in Europe and, hence, plays a key role in supporting the European communities that want to celebrate their music. It provides exceptional value to its membership by building knowledge; creating networking opportunities; supporting and enhancing the visibility of projects that help sustain people's participation in music and cultural life. Being the regional group for Europe of the International Music Council, the EMC collaborates on an international level. Today the EMC consists of 78 members based in 31 European countries.

Additional Info

  • Headquarters: Bonn, Germany
  • Founded: 1972
  • Membership: 73 organizations in 29 European countries.