International Confederation of Music Publishers (ICMP)

ICMP is the world trade association representing the interests of the music publishing community internationally. Our mission is to protect and promote copyright and to represent industry positions at international, regional and local levels. We achieve this by being vocal advocates for our members in various political and regulatory arenas and by fostering a global community for music publishers to share best practise and experience.

ICMP's members include national, regional and international music publishing associations from Europe, Middle-East, North and South America and Asia-Pacific, and the four major multinational music publishing companies.

Music by its very nature can easily transcend national borders, but it is only now that its full potential to do so is being realised. Modern technology, especially the internet, allows this to happen in a manner never seen before. If a true diffusion of culture is to take place, however, investment and promotion are essential. This is part of the role of music publishers.

Music publishers - standing at the intersection of music and the market - will continue to play their part in promoting cultural diversity by bringing music of all kinds and from all backgrounds to the market. Cultural heritage needs investment and promotion. Music publishers do exactly this. Collectively, our members represent hundreds of thousands of songwriters, composers and lyricists from every corner of the globe...

Additional Info

  • Headquarters: Brussels, Belgium
  • Membership: 63 International Publishing Organizations