Phonographic Performance LTD – India

PPL is the officially registered and recognized "copyright society" in India, which administers the sound recordings of its member music companies. It is the only copyright society enjoying statutory recognition by the Government of India, in respect of sound recordings. At present, the number of member music labels it more than 275, including 3 subsidiaries of International major music labels. Membership is voluntary. The rights and/or royalty revenue streams so administered include broadcasting, internet, public performance and mobile telephony.

The Indian Phonographic Industry (IPI), the Association of Phonogram Producers, was established in 1936, and it was instrumental in finalising the Broadcasting Licence arrangement in India. Subsequently, IPI members decided to form a specialised body to administer their Public Performance and Broadcasting Rights, and so PPL came into being in 1941. 

The Phonographic Performance Ltd. (PPL) owns and/or exclusively controls public performance rights in more than 5 lakh songs in Hindi, Telugu, Tamil, Bengali, Punjabi, Marathi, Malayalam, Bhojpuri and other Indian languages, including both film and non-film songs such as Ghazals, devotional, folk, pop, classical, etc. In addition, lakhs of International repertoire (foreign) songs are also administered.

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