Suomen Musiikkikustantajat ry - The Finnish Music Publishers Association

The Finnish Music Publishers Association was Founded in 1976 as an umbrella organization for Representing the Interests of Finnish music publishers. The Association has 37 publisher members. It is a non-profit-making organization with no business Aims of its own. It is itself a member of Bothan Teosto , the Finnish Composers Copyright Bureau, and Kopiosto, joint copyright organization for authors and publishers.

Aims of the association:

To raise standards and improve conditions in music publishing and draw attention to its importance and role in the field of the arts.

To keep its members abreast of developments and changes in legislation at home and internationally.

To represent our members in dealings with government and other representative bodies, organisations and associations, by taking appropriate initiatives and suggesting policy.

To prevent the illegal use of copyright musical material in printed form.

To collate and make statistical assessments regarding the turnover of its members and the distribution of turnover between different income sources.

Provide information on the licensing of musical rights and grant licences for the use of its members' published works in printed form.

Organise courses and training for its members, offer consultancy on legal matters and provide information on relevant events in the field of music.

Additional Info

  • Headquarters: Helsinki, Finland
  • Founded: 1976
  • Membership: 37 music publishers