Australasian Music Publishers Association (AMPAL)

The Australasian Music Publishers Association works on behalf of its members to promote a better understanding of the value of music, both culturally and economically. AMPAL is a trade association with more than 50 music publisher members in Australia and New Zealand. Between them, its members represent over 90% of the economic value of the music publishing sector.

Their mission is to:

  • Promote a better understanding of the value of music (and the copyrights in music);
  • Promote and protect the economic rights of creators and administrators of copyright in music;
  • Provide opportunities for the role of music publishers to be better understood;
  • Represent the interests of music publishers to government, the music industry and the public;
  • Work with other members of the music industry to increase the creation, use and enjoyment of music across Australia and New Zealand.

Originally formed in 1956 by seven Australian music publishers, we were established at a time of change for the industry. Television was becoming a second major user of music for broadcast purposes, and Australian music was being exported, particularly to the UK, for the first time.Their publisher members invest in songwriters across all genres of music. They nurture talent, promote the works of their writers and find avenues for their work to be heard. They are a vital part of an industry that contributes to the cultural and economic future of Australia and New Zealand.

AMPAL is the voice of Australian and New Zealand music publishers in a rapidly evolving legislative and commercial landscape. Through the support they provide, they aim to ensure that the crucial services, experience, and knowledge of publishers can continue to aid the careers of songwriters of all genres.

Additional Info

  • Headquarters: New South Wales, Australia
  • Founded: 1956
  • Membership: 50+ music publishers