Federazione Editori Musicali (FEM) Italy - Federation of Music Publishers

Music publishing is an integral part of the music industry and cultural life of our country. The success of Italian music in the world is proof of the immense talent of our authors and the Italian publishing industry professionalism.

FEM exists to support and encourage these talents and these skills.

• FEM acts on a daily basis to protect the publishers and authors they represent.
• The Secretary General, the Treasurer and all the bodies are available to provide first-hand information and update all members on the actions and events of major importance.
• FEM engages in actively defending the copyright through either individual initiatives, as well as participating in activities of communication and institutional representation in cooperation with other creative rights associations.
• FEM is particularly committed and attentive to the digital world and the great opportunities that this world offers for the dissemination of music. We continue to watch this complex channel and work in all areas to ensure that copyright is increasingly protected and guaranteed.
• FEM adheres to FPM, the Anti-Piracy Federation, based in Milan, which is committed to the protection of the right to enforcement actions, public awareness campaigns and information activities.
• FEM maintains a constant relationship with the SIAE and its Corporate Officers and is available to individual member companies to provide advice and assistance on all activities related to music publishing.
• FEM is associated with ICMP (International Confederation of Music Publishers) through which maintains a constant observation of what happens in the world in the field of music publishing and copyright.

FEM is associated with Confindustria and is a member of the Executive Board of Confindustria Italian Culture, which represents the entire industrial sector of Italian culture. 24 members.

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