Society of Composers and Lyricists

The Society of Composers & Lyricists is committed to advancing the interests of the film and television music community. Toward this end, the SCL:

  1. Disseminates information concerning the creative and business aspects of writing music and lyrics for film and television;
  2. Presents educational seminars to provide the SCL membership with the latest technological information affecting our industry;
  3. Seeks to enhance the workplace and working conditions in order to maintain the highest level of quality in our crafts;
  4. Encourages a sense of community and the sharing of experience and knowledge among our membership and related organizations worldwide;
  5. Provides opportunities for dialog and the exchange of information between our membership and filmmakers;
  6. Establishes forums where issues confronting the film music industry can be openly examined and debated.

The creation of scores and songs for motion pictures, television, and other media involves unique skills and presents special challenges. The SCL assumes a central role in helping composers and lyricists achieve their full career potential in a demanding and ever-changing field.

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