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Our mission is to collaboratively launch and grow a successful domain that serves artists, musicians, songwriters and music professionals who promote music and nurture the art ... all for the love of music, and in solidarity with all people who make music their lives around the world.

The .music domain will provide the Music community a secure home domain on the Internet -- one which supports the promotion of music, musicians, the protection of intellectual property rights, and the advancement of music education for all.

This new Top Level Domain will enhance how the entire world interacts with music on the Internet.  .Music LLC's vision is to be an advocate, platform & enabler for artistic development, the promotion of music creators and the protection of their rights.

For the millions of artists, musicians, songwriters, students, teachers, instrument makers and other music professionals across the globe, Far Further will work to make .music an avenue and a destination for those who desire a place to grow, a place to thrive and a place to show --- a unique and empowering online address that gives wing to the dreams, aspirations and careers of artists, musicians, songwriters and the Music community at large, no matter their place on the planet.